Monday, July 27, 2009

My version of the "Bo Bice Incident"

If you haven't read "The Bo Bice Incident" read it now!!

She didn't tell the whole story. I was totally prepared to stay for Bo Bice. I loved him almost as much as mom did, but not as much as I loved Saving Jane. The reason I was (not even) almost (completely) in tears is because after Saving Jane played, there was a "Meet The Band" thing, and it was open for 10 minutes. Me and my dad RAN up to get in line. I was so excited. They were the first band I had fallen in love with and I was going to meet them. I was smiling from ear to ear. It stopped 1 person before me. And the person in front of me ALREADY KNEW THEM AND GOT TO TALK TO THEM ANYWAY! All hope in the world was lost. I cried, and you know what? I had a good reason. My heart died for a minute. I was so happy that I was gonna meet my favorite band. I don't feel bad about crying. I felt like crap. I felt like crawling into a hole and just sitting there till I rotted.

That is the story. If you don't believe me, ask my parents.



  1. Oh, Sweet Child of Mine, thank you so much for sharing your side of the story! It wasn't mine to tell, but I'm so glad you did! You told it beautifully, too. "My heart died for a minute". That breaks MY heart!

    And then to have me behave so - um - oddly must've really just made things worse. Or maybe it made things better - it certainly took your mind off of it for a few minutes!!!


  2. Aw, that's sad! I would have done a full on temper tantrum. :(

  3. Ah, to be so close yet so far! That stinks.

  4. You were robbed! That really stinks. BTW, I LOVE your new look. It's very "you" (from the little I know about you, I mean).