Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Why, HELLO THERE!!! I'm so bored!! I am so bored, I started reading Twilight... AGAIN!!!!

Well my mom, sis, bf, and I might (MIGHT!!) go to the movies today... I hope we see UP again... it was such a sad (but flipping amazing!!) movie!!!!


RANDOM WORD TIME!!! That's right. I remembered!!! Well, you know the rules!!
The word till next time is (insert drum-roll here)

Hmmm.... What do you think?!?!?!

I like cheese
Isn't that a pretty cheese??


OMG!!! WE ARE EATING ME FOR BREAKFAST!!!! We are having muffins and my nickname is "muffin" (don't ask...) NO!!! DON'T EAT ME!!!!! Here is a cute picture of a talking muffin!!

LOLOLOL!!!!! I'm boredededededed...

Well, I gosta (got to) eat me for breakfast.. NOM NOM NOM!!!


Monday, June 29, 2009

Robert Stole My Heart... SORRY!!

Last night was so fun. I got to see Zach again!! As you know, I haven't seen him since the 3rd...

I missed him A LOT!!!

And last night I got to see him. We went out for dinner and then to Barnes and Noble. We (as always) looked at the Stephen King books. Although he didn't like it, I snuck over to the place with sexy pictures of Robert Pattinson
Hehe... yummy...

Yea, Zach didn't like that I "Love Robert more than him"

ROBERT IS A MOVIE STAR!! I'LL NEVER GET HIM (but I wish I could... but then again, what teenage girl doesn't??)

But I have a feeling we will NEVER go back to the place we had our dinner... ugh...

OMG I can't WAIT till Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is out!!!! JULY 15th 2009!!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! (You know that Robert was in the 4th Harry Potter movie... I loved him then too... I cried when he died) :(

I can't get a separate picture of the perfect shirt, but it says this:
So... Avada Kadavra just turns you into a really hot vampire?
Great Plan, Voldy.

You can get this shirt HERE!!!

Well it be time for me to go...