Monday, August 17, 2009

As you have noticed (at least I hope that you have noticed) I have been gone for a while. That is because I have been on vacation, a music related vacation. In 7 days I had seen 7 bands.

Band #1: Blue Oyster Cult
Do you hear that? It sounds... big.
(opened up for Alice Cooper)

Band #2: Alice Cooper
This was our last day in Ohio. We saw him at the Ohio State Fair. He puts on a great show, and was killed 4x: hung, guillotine, iron maiden, and poison

Band #3: Joan Jett
Oh. My. God. How can such a bad ass sound come out of such a small little thing. She is so tiny! I thought her guitar could smash her! But she rocks hard!
(opened up for B-52's... who's idea was that anyway)

Band #4: B-52's
It was a little hard to listen to after headbanging. But I liked it... mostly because I LOVE THE B-52'S!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe... How does 58 year old Fred Schneider still use that disjointed voice! It's crazy!

Band#5: The Donnas
THEY should have been paired up with Joan Jett because they would make a better match. They played 4 songs. =(
(opened up for Pat Benatar and Blondie)

Band#6: Pat Benatar
She is so beautiful. And her voice is still amazing. I never really liked her though... but i still had a great time.

Band#7: Blondie
Blondie is my favorite of the week. She even made the ever-so-sucky My Heart Will Go On into a great punk-ish song.

Well that concludes my week of music!



  1. These shows were crazy fun. I'm writing longer reviews and spacing them out muahahahahaha!

  2. Wow! A family vacation that included 7 concerts! My kids would be so jealous. Our family is not nearly as cool as yours. Lucky you!

  3. There will be an award for you on my blog Saturday morning... (I know this because I can see into the future)