Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lea, your random is showing...

I. Love. Shopping.

Yes, it is true that, even I, like to go shopping. I got this REALLY REALLY REALLY AWESOME pair of pants. They are "camo" pants and they fit perfect, and pants that fit me perfect are really hard to find because I have long legs, but I am thin as a stick. (which I hate BTW... I really hate it) I can't wear certain pants because if the legs are as long as mine are, then they don't fit my waist, (mostly hips) and if they fit around my hips then they are to short.

Life, she is hard...

But, I still found the PERFECT pair of pants. And I love them. I hope they never die.


Does anyone know of some good books for a girl who likes to read about other peoples problems, because I am bored and have nothing to do over the summer and I need to read a lot, because it is fun. If you do have anything, please leave a comment
telling me the name of the book and the author.

And if anyone is interested (which I highly doubt, because no-one wants to read books that a 13 year old, vampire obsessed, problematic teen has read... XD)

Crank: Ellen Hopkins
Speak: Laurie Halse Anderson
Cut: Patricia McCormick
Sold: Patricia McCormick
Twilight (series): Stephanie Meyer

What teenage girl DOESN'T have Twilight on their list.

But seriously folks, I need some reads...

OK OMG... I was on the phone with my boyfriend and he said something but I couldn't hear what he said and I'm like "You have a monkey in your HAIR??"

Lea, your random is showing.

Wow. Ok. Sorry about that, you probably didn't need to know that... Oh well! It's already done.

Have you ever had this feeling that you are being watched?... Because I feel like I'm being watched... -looks behind shoulder- Hi there Shelby!! Didn't see you there!! Well now I know...


Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Must Be Emo

For once I feel like I belong. Here. Not on some strange other-worldly planet no-one has heard of yet.

Now this may be hard for some of you to believe, but I am an outcast. I don't know, some people think I'm a little "annoying" or "weird" and even a little "emo" (BTW: I am N-O-T emo, well sorta, because emo means EMOTIONAL, not "you're emo if you cut yourself")

I don't even know WHY some people think I am emo, but back to my story.

I only have 2 really good friends, Calli and Sonja, and we call ourselves "The Outcasts" because Calli is the emo one, Sonja is the goth one, and I am the punk one. They used to be the only people who could make me happy when I was sad but now I have someone new, a boyfriend, and I know we will most likely not end up together in 10 or 20 years from now, but hey, it's nice to pretend. But anyway, he helps me when I feel down. And last night I was feeling pretty down. One of my best friends and I got into a fight, and I told him I hated him, which isn't true, he has been my friend for 2 years, but it seems like forever. He just doesn't know what to say sometimes.

He can be an a-s-s sometimes.

But last night Zach told me that Tyler would forgive me, hopefully. OK he didn't say that but that's what I heard... Sometimes I can be an a-s-s too.

Have you ever wondered why some people don't care about the emos punks and goths? Well it's because we apparently don't matter. The fact that we exist defies the laws of earth.

People. Hate. Me.

Do you enjoy living a life that's so hateful- "F*** You" Lilly Allen

No, I don't think I do.