Monday, July 27, 2009

My version of the "Bo Bice Incident"

If you haven't read "The Bo Bice Incident" read it now!!

She didn't tell the whole story. I was totally prepared to stay for Bo Bice. I loved him almost as much as mom did, but not as much as I loved Saving Jane. The reason I was (not even) almost (completely) in tears is because after Saving Jane played, there was a "Meet The Band" thing, and it was open for 10 minutes. Me and my dad RAN up to get in line. I was so excited. They were the first band I had fallen in love with and I was going to meet them. I was smiling from ear to ear. It stopped 1 person before me. And the person in front of me ALREADY KNEW THEM AND GOT TO TALK TO THEM ANYWAY! All hope in the world was lost. I cried, and you know what? I had a good reason. My heart died for a minute. I was so happy that I was gonna meet my favorite band. I don't feel bad about crying. I felt like crap. I felt like crawling into a hole and just sitting there till I rotted.

That is the story. If you don't believe me, ask my parents.