Friday, June 12, 2009

Welcome to the Black Parade

This is my first blog post. As you can tell, I am not very good at this, but since my mom (Keep In Touch With Mommakin) is an amazing blogger, (blogist?) so maybe she can help me along the way.

I wanted to make a blog because, well because my mom (and I) think I would be a good writer and blogist, so I made one! My mom also thinks I write with my own voice, but I hope not, because my voice is kind of annoying, so if you start to hear my obnoxious voice, then please stop reading and spare yourselves.

Hopefully I can, someday, become a great blogger (and author, yes I do enjoy writting, and yes it
IS about vampires!!) and maybe, just maybe, have people actually somewhat like me!! I feel loved by the people who read this!! ILY!!

Ok, major loser moment...

-annoying whispered voice- doctor, patient... -normal voice- IM the doctor, im THE patient... dont forget that, it's important. -Perscription, MSI (and if you don't know who MSI is, you should A.) get a life B.) go on youtube and look it up or C.) die in a hole)

Yea, I have random moments sometimes... ask anyone, one time in school I randomly said, "Iiiiiiii just wanna fly!" People looked at me really weirdly, like I had 3 eyeballs.

My life has had its ups and downs, but I am sticking with my randomnessnessness til the end. Question Mark?!


Anywho, for my first blog post I wanted to write about why I wanted a blog, and tell a little about myself, and frankly, I think I did a good job! You have seen the random side of me, the normal(ish) side of me, and the writer side of me.