Monday, August 17, 2009

As you have noticed (at least I hope that you have noticed) I have been gone for a while. That is because I have been on vacation, a music related vacation. In 7 days I had seen 7 bands.

Band #1: Blue Oyster Cult
Do you hear that? It sounds... big.
(opened up for Alice Cooper)

Band #2: Alice Cooper
This was our last day in Ohio. We saw him at the Ohio State Fair. He puts on a great show, and was killed 4x: hung, guillotine, iron maiden, and poison

Band #3: Joan Jett
Oh. My. God. How can such a bad ass sound come out of such a small little thing. She is so tiny! I thought her guitar could smash her! But she rocks hard!
(opened up for B-52's... who's idea was that anyway)

Band #4: B-52's
It was a little hard to listen to after headbanging. But I liked it... mostly because I LOVE THE B-52'S!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe... How does 58 year old Fred Schneider still use that disjointed voice! It's crazy!

Band#5: The Donnas
THEY should have been paired up with Joan Jett because they would make a better match. They played 4 songs. =(
(opened up for Pat Benatar and Blondie)

Band#6: Pat Benatar
She is so beautiful. And her voice is still amazing. I never really liked her though... but i still had a great time.

Band#7: Blondie
Blondie is my favorite of the week. She even made the ever-so-sucky My Heart Will Go On into a great punk-ish song.

Well that concludes my week of music!