Friday, July 10, 2009


I'm happy, and yet sad. I have tickets to see Alice Cooper at the Ohio State Fair, but Zach is grounded for a long time. I am so confused. And also, I texted my (ex) bff and she said, "Oh. I'm sorry, I don't talk to bitches." Yea, that is Sonja, the one that I talked about a while ago calling her one of my best friends.

I feel loved.


Plus, Zach isn't aloud to "date" until he is 16. (he is 14 right now) RAWR!!!!! We can only "hang out" in groups. And considering neither of us have many friends, that may not happen that quickly.

I'm tired. I just got done with a no-sleep over with the few friends I have. =D ILY

Well I think I'm gonna take a nap on the couch now. If you have any advice for me about what to do with the rest of the summer, comment. Please. I need to get a life. Help.



  1. I know! I know! Let's go to the pool, and read wonderful (and not so wonderful) books, and go to concerts! Let's clean out your room so we can redecorate it! Let's go to festivals! Let's see movies! Let's make stuff!

    So much to do - how are we going to fit it all in???


  2. true confussion is only a mind set if place all the pieces of the puzzle the picture becomes clear. it takes great consetration to place everything together. when you see pieces start to make the picture clear don't jump to conclusions. it may cost your very sanity. i've come across a few close calls to losing that myself. life is supossed to be full of confussion. i find every human emotion to be a mind set. everything is in your head(so don't lose it). one of lifes great mistories is true and full understandment to life it self and no man alive or dead has figured that out. so in turn every human on the plant or that ever was is and was confussed.

    life has tons of crossroads lea. you just need to know which to follow. you will never know what crossroad you'll come up next to. i have choosen my roads carefully and it has brought me lots of pain. only resently i have found happy roads to follow. some roads bring more pain but then again i know more happiness is to come ;). life is never going to get any more simpler. just understand this people are there for you: your parents, Danielle, Callie, Me. we will be here for you. i will always be there for you. just remember where to go...always.